Fundraiser for Cyclone Amphan Relief

Amid unprecedented worldwide COVID19 crisis, south-western part of Bangladesh was hit by Cyclone Amphan on May 20. Around 10 million people in Bangladesh were impacted by the cyclone, there were reports of tens of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed and many villages submerged by storm surges in low-lying coastal areas like Khulna and Satkhira. And worse, is that the flooding from contaminated sea water, has likely destroyed the soil; it will likely take years to convert it into fertile land again. Many farmers in coastal areas lost their crop which was only days away from being harvested.

We all need to stand-by these poor helpless people who are doubly impacted by COVID19 and now Cyclone Amphan. Please help this hard-hit people to overcome the grave situation and be able to start their life again.
People in the impacted areas need immediate assistance to rebuild their houses and procure agricultural materials they desperately need to start cultivating again. A small donation of $50 for each family could help them turn around.
Please donate generously to BUET87 Amphan Relief fund, you may also donate your Zakat money for the cause.

You can also donate at our FaceBook fundraiser page .