Save a BUETian (Ahsan Mukit Milton)

Think about the uncertainty of our life. Now we are doing great but we do not know what is going to be tomorrow. That is exactly what happened recently to my younger brother Ahsan Mukit (Milton). Mukit graduated from BUET back in 2000 (HSC 1993) from the department of Mechanical Engineering. He was working as the Head of Sales at Energypac in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is happily married and has two young kids. Over two weeks, he started feeling weak and losing focus. He was rushed to visit a doctor and unfortunately was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His condition was deteriorating fast. After a few tests Doctor suggested to remove it as soon as possible.

Here is the brief timeline for the medical conditions:

  1. August 15th : Mukit was showing symptoms and was taken to the doctor’s office for checkup. After preliminary checkup, he was referred to see the specialist.
  2. August 28th : Prof. Dr. Rajibul Haque removed the tumor at the Bangladesh Specialized Hospital Ltd., Kallanpur, Dhaka. After a few hours of surgery, send the specimen for biopsy.
  3. September 4: Mukit was released from the hospital, with the condition of his right hand and leg numb (inactive).
  4. September 7: Mukit was taken to hospital again as his condition wasn’t improving. They had to admit him to the ICU as his condition was deteriorating continuously.

After a couple of weeks in hospital he came home in the middle of September. But he is still unable to perform his day to day activity without full support. So we have hired a full time helper (nurse) and a therapist as part of the rehab process. He has improved and gained some energy on his right side (was totally paralised) since the rehab process started. Per doctor’s recommendation, he will be going through a course of Radiotherapy. We are hoping and praying for his quick recovery inshallah.

Since the first day, with our limited capacity, we handled all his medical expenses from our family. We need your support and stay beside my younger brother Mukit. I am asking everyone for your prayers for Mukit’s quick recovery inshallah and help me to raise funds to cover his immediate medical needs and expenses.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and pray to Allah for your health and happiness. Ameen.


Bashar Amin