BUET87 Convention 2013

BUET87 Foundation 2013 Convention is going to be held in Santa Clara, California on July 5 and July 6 2013.Write Comment (0 comments)
Helping Flood Victims of Bangladesh PDF Print E-mail

Please Help Flood Victims of Bangladesh

We are very sad and worried about the poor people of Bangladesh who are suffering in the current flood that developed in the northern parts of Bangladesh. About two million people are affected and up to half a million people have become  homeless. BUET87 Foundation has taken a project to stand beside these helpless people and we ask every body to come forward and stand beside them as well in this difficult time.  Please click the donate button below to help with any amount you can. 

Donate to Flood Victims


According to government officials 17 of the country’s 64 districts have been affectedSo far 17 people have died and there have been 506 cases of pneumonia, 1850 cases of diarrhoea and 540 cases of skin infections. Many of them have lost crops and cattle on which they depend for their livelihood. People in these affected areas are in shortage of basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. Also in some areas, as water level has started decreasing, people are getting sick with water borne diseases.

 You may find the latest flood situation reports by 'Flood Forecasting & Warning Centre' of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) at the following link:

 Please come forward to help the flood victims. You can donate any amount you wish using the donate button. 

Education Support Fund PDF Print E-mail

BUET 87 Foundation has created a charitable fund called "Education Support Fund" to support the poor and talented youths to continue their education by identifying and patronizing them by providing them better tutoring, and also providing scholarships. There could be scholarships provided to the needy and meritorious students in different levels of schools and colleges in  the countries like Bangladesh. The school, colleges of the rural and under-developed areas of Bangladesh will be supported by helping them improving their education and environmental facilities such as building computer or science laboratories, building solar panel electric systems etc. The teachers could be trained for the schools and colleges to provide better education.

Some Projects we have started with Education Support Fund are:

 Some future projects we are looking into using this "Education Support Fund" are:

  • Providing Software/Hardware for Educational Institutions.

  • Computer Learning Center in Rural Areas

Donate to Education Support Fund
Emergency and Relief Fund PDF Print E-mail

BUET 87 Foundation has created a charitable fund called "Emergency and Relief Fund" to always be ready for supporting the distressed people affected by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, cold waves, tsunamies etc. around the globe. This fund will be provided to different non-profit and charitable organizations who will execute the projects in the distressed areas by distributing drinking water, food, clothes, shelters, saline, medicine and other necessary things to the affected people.

 The projects taken under this Fund are:

Donate to Education Support Fund
Health Care Fund PDF Print E-mail

BUET 87 Foundation has established a separate fund called “Health Care Fund” to support needy and poor people to improve their health.  From this fund BUET 87 Foundation will help the poor patients who cannot afford their treatment in hospital emegencies and outdoors.

There will be projects to grow the awareness of regular health check-ups and helping the needy people to maintain that.

Help Poor Patients at Emergency with Life Saving Drugs and Treatments in Public Hospitals.

Donate to Education Support Fund

Social Care Fund PDF Print E-mail

BUET 87 Foundation will create a charitable fund called "Social Care Fund" for helping poor needy people to rehabilitate who are drug addicts by providing mentoring and helping them find jobs. Also this fund will be used to extend help to old people by giving them shelter and other support.

BUET 87 Foundation will support such cases by collecting donations from the respected donors.

BUET 87 Welfare Fund PDF Print E-mail

BUET 87 Foundation has formed a charitable fund called "Welfare Fund" to support the needy, ill-fated family or a needy individual to support in their better living.

Anybody can donate to this fund to growand which has been and will be used for different welfare projects.

The project taken under this Welfare Fund is:

Helping Nesar’s Mother (August 2009) (Completed project)
Our Projects PDF Print E-mail

We have already completed these projects with great success:

We have started following two projects in Education.

We are now looking for some new projects in Bangladesh especially in education, health care, technology, energy, climate change etc.  We are also asking for different specific project proposals.

Using Funds Effectively PDF Print E-mail

We create projects that are managed by local BUET87 members. Our member volunteers closely monitors the progress of the project and periodically updates the donors on the projects.

We have minimal overhead and we will always make sure that funds go to the right place.

Get Involved PDF Print E-mail

Would you like to be involved in any of the BUET87 projects, please send an email to You can help by donating money or proposing poor students who need help.