BUET 87 Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in the state of Arizona, USA and exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to BUET 87 Foundation are deductible under section 170 of the code.

We ask everybody to donate to different projects of our foundation so that we can keep on helping young children get proper education and help poor to change their lives.

Winter Cloth Distribution


As we do every year, Buet87 Foundation is distributing Winter Cloth for the needy in Bangladesh to save them from the severe and unprotected cold. It is not hard to imagine how lack of the minimum protection of a piece of warm cloth feels. In the Northern Part of Bangladesh, the effect is the most. 

BUET 87 Foundation is raising money for Winter Clothes and Blanket distribution project, 2022 and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support.


BUET87 Foundation Scholarship Project

What is this project for

There are thousands of poor kids who are very talented but can not continue their education because of financial burden. Many of them can not pay for the cost of tuition, books and even clothes. Many of them have to help their family as an earning member. So they do not even get time to study. If these kids were given a little bit of help they could pass these barriers and shine in their life just like every body else.

Education Support Fund

BUET87 Foundation started a project in 2011 to provide a single scholarship for a year to one such kid in the rural Bangladesh. And yes, the kid did excellent result after getting the scholarship because he did not have to pull rickshaw any more as the amount he got was helping his family. After that great success we started more scholarships and got excellent results. We believe we can open many more doors for many more kids in the coming years and that will have significant effect  in the society.

How we manage the Scholarships

We have formed a scholarship fund for these scholarships. We select candidates based on their merits and family financial situations. After we select and offer scholarship to them, we also take the responsibility of monitoring the progress of their education. After an application for scholarship is approved for a certain period (usually one year) by the BUET87 executive board, two supervisors (a local guardian in student’s residence area and a BUET87 representative) are assigned. With close co-operation among the student, local guardian and BUE87 representative, the study progress of the scholarship recipient is evaluated at regular intervals and feedback is provided by BUET87 to the student through the local guardian. The scholarship period is also subject to be extended with promising result shown by the student.

The application form can be requested by sending an email to support@buet87.org

How you can help

You can help. You can donate to “BUET87 Education Support Fund” by clicking the button below. You can chose to donate a lumpsum amount or a monthly recurrent payment. If you chose a monthly recurrent payment of $25/Month that can support at least one scholarship for as long as you want. You can cancel the monthly payment any time by emailing us: support@buet87.org

Join us in this noble endeavor and lets change the future of many lives.

Fundraising for Commemorating Professor Dr Mahbubur Rahman Syed

The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is the first department in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Bangladesh, which is working relentlessly towards improving computing education and research in the country. From a humble beginning in 1982 with only postgraduate program, soon the CSE Department was able to attract the most talented youths of the country when it started offering the country’s first Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BScEngg) in CSE degree in 1986, under the leadership of Professor Dr Mahbubur Rahman Syed who served as the Head of the CSE Department from 1986 to 1992. Mahbub Sir is widely acknowledged as the architect of the world-class CSE curriculum, which is still relevant and has been followed by all reputed universities in Bangladesh. The continuous enrolment of brilliant students, dedication of the competent teachers, and the amicable environment of teacher-student relationship fostered by Mahbub Sir made the CSE Department a unique one in the country. 

Mahbub Sir was born on April 5, 1952. He attended then Momenshahi (now Mirzapur) Cadet College (2nd batch) and commenced his BScEngg degree at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Department of BUET, before departing in 1972 for education in Hungary with scholarship. He received his PhD degree from the Technical University of Budapest in 1980. He returned to BUET in 1982 as a faculty and was promoted to the Head of the CSE Department in 1986. He supervised over 20 Masters by Research theses at BUET and received the Young Excellent Scientist Award from UNESCO. He soon fell victim of internal politics for his success and fame at such a young age and had to leave BUET in 1992. Regrettably, Bangladesh could not avail his service to the fullest potential; the world, however, did not miss that opportunity. He continued his passion for teaching and research by serving in reputed universities in Australia and USA. Mahbub Sir was the Chairman and Professor of the Computer Information Science (CIS) Department at the Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA until the day he passed away on April 14, 2021, immediately after celebrating his 69th birthday. He is survived by wife Sharifun Nessa Syed and son Tahin Syed. 

Mahbub Sir had an enviably colorful career that started with leading an infant department to its adolescence and ended at leading a matured department to a special height — completing a full circle in some sense. The personal note from the President of Minnesota State University, Mankato may be quoted in this regard, which perfectly captures the true nature of our Mahbub Sir:  

“On a personal note, it was always a pleasure for me to Meet with Dr Syed because he was truly a gentleman and always left me with something to think about. I value his wisdom and insight on a variety of issues and know he cared deeply about others, especially his students. He will be sorely missed.” – Professor Richard Davenport  

Tahin has created a memorial website for Mahbub Sir (https://www.forevermissed.com/mahbubur-syed/) where tributes, stories, and photos from his family, friends, students, colleagues, and the alumni of CSE Department are being archived.  

Memorial Awards 

We, the alumni of the CSE Department, along with the current students, faculty members of the department and other units of BUET where he served, have planned to create a Memorial Fund for Mahbub Sir by contributing to the BUET Endowment Fund, which managed by the BUET authority. We plan to invest the Memorial Fund in Bangladesh Government’s Wage Earner’s Development Bond to establish the following Memorial Awards, funded from the annual return on investment, to commemorate Mahbub Sir’s passion for teaching and excellence in applied research: 

 Memorial Award Description # Amount per award Total amount 
1. Mahbubur Rahman Syed Research Chair in Applied Technology Awarded to a faculty member of BUET for 6 months with the following entitlement: Teaching relief with teaching assistant for 14 weeks Research assistant for 6 months Conference travel grant Honorarium ৳625,000 ৳1,250,000 
2. Mahbubur Rahman Syed Best Paper Award Awarded to the authors of best papers in international conferences organized/held in Bangladesh ৳5,000 ৳20,000 
Total 1,270,000 

Assuming 10% annual return on investment in Wage Earner’s Development Bond, we aim to fundraise 12,700,000 = $150,000 (USD) so that these awards are self-sustained perpetually

How to Contribute 

Celebrate Birthday with kids in Bangladesh

When our kids celebrate their Birthdays in the USA or in other parts of the world, let us make it also an event to celebrate with their friends in Bangladesh who are not so fortunate. By making them part of the celebration will give an opportunity to our kids living abroad to build the compassion and kinship with Bangladesh  which we all hope our kids develop.
Part of the event, we will arrange food,cake and other foods of your liking for the kids abroad, in some orphanage or similar place and at an scheduled time will connect the kids from both sides over Facebook live to exchange greetings with each other. Cost of the event is minimum $200 US, you can increase too for other gifts if you desire so.

You can schedule the event by filling up this form