End Hunger during COVID-19 Lock-down

Bangladesh has imposed a nationwide lock-down to curb the spread of the novel Corona virus (COVID-19). Most recently, the government has declared a ten-day nationwide holiday from March 26 to April 4, in which all government and private offices have been closed and the army has been mobilized to enforce social distancing across the nation. Local administrations & law enforcement agencies have been advised to discipline violators of the home-quarantine rules in line with “Section 269 of the Penal Code”.

In this quarantined situation, where the period of lock-down may easily extend from 10 days to a month or more, people who live on daily wages will be suffering the most to make ends meet. BUET 87 Foundation has rapidly mobilized its efforts to reach out to those poor families during this countrywide lock-down. We are planning to initiate a food-drive in Mohammadpur, Dhaka and Barisal area as soon as enough fund has been raised for this purpose.

Here is the package estimation for a family’s subsistence for a week. The package costs around Tk 900 (~ $11). Please come forward and help us collect the proper funding for this noble & much needed effort.

Weekly Items for a Family

Items Quantity Unit
Rice 5Kg
Daal 2Kg
Aata 3Kg
Onion 2Kg
Potato 2Kg
Cooking Oil2Liter
Soap- Dettol1Count
Wheel Soap1Count

Weekly food cost/family = Tk 900 or $11

In Summary

1) Goal: Food drive for the children & needy families
2) Targeting to raise $7000 to help 200 families for 3 weeks
3) We can collect Zakat as donation
4) You can donate in the following ways.
a. https://www.facebook.com/donate/151762286074952/10158279628044742/
b. http://buet87.org/fundraiser-for-coronavirus-relief/
c. bKash or Rocket – 01841523782