Support Engineer Ahsan Mukit

We are reaching out to you all today to ask for your support in helping a friend and his brother who are facing a critical time. As most of you might know, Engineer Ahsan Mukit, brother of our dear friend Bappee (E.E.E.), was diagnosed with a late-stage brain tumor. Mukit was from the H.S.C. batch in 1993 and a student of Mechanical Engineering in B.U.E.T. He graduated from B.U.E.T in 2000.

Ahsan Mukit was diagnosed with a late-stage brain tumor. So he had to go through immediate surgery and some radiation therapy. B.U.E.T. 87 supported Mukit’s surgery in 2021. He was recovering well, but unfortunately, the old symptoms returned, and he got seriously ill. So he had to get admitted to the Bangladesh Specialized Hospital at Kallyanpur, Dhaka (the same hospital where he had his surgery) under Prof. Dr. Rajibul Haque on January 22nd, 2023.

Currently, Mukit is in critical condition and needs full-time I.C.U support for stabilizing his physical condition and any further cancer treatment. The cost of I.C.U. per day is approximately 30 to 40 thousand takas per day. Mukit has a family with a wife and two young kids, and the family has exhausted all their savings to take care of Mukit’s treatment for the last two years. Therefore, the family needs our help to cover the expenses during this difficult time.

We request all extend their support and help Mukit and his family during this challenging time. Any amount would be greatly appreciated and would cover medical expenses and ensure that Mukit has access to the best care possible. If we all come together once again, we can significantly impact Mukit’s life and help him and his family on their road to recovery. Your generosity and kindness will show how much they are loved and supported by B.U.E.T. 87. Please keep Mukit in your thoughts and prayers.

Please help us raise $10,000.00 to support Mukit today by using the donate button below.